Selected list of compositions by John Beall with Premiere and/or Additional Selected Performances

Autumn Fire, for Orchestra 2013-14

Premiere by The West Virginia University Symphony Orchestra/Arnold

Suite from Ethan Frome, 2001 32'

Premiere Nov. 5, 2003 by Detroit Civic Orchestra/Charles Burke, cond.

Righteous Fire, for Concert Band 1995-2010 11’

Premiere by West Virginia University Wind Symphony, John Hendricks III, cond. October 5, 2010

Double Concerto for Violin and Contrabass, 2004-06 24’

Premiere by US Marine Chamber Orchestra, Andrew Wilson, vln, Aaron Clay, cb Mar. 8, 2007
West Virginia Univ. SO, Andrew Wilson, vln; Andrew Kohn, cb, with C.B. Wilson, cond. Sept. 21, 2007

Raven Rock, 2001-2002 7"

 Philharmonia Bulgarica/Winstin (ERM CD)

Symphony No. 2, "Spruce Knob," 2000-2003 21' *

Premiere July 15, 2003, by WV Symph. Orchestra/Cooper

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, 1998 30'

Stephen Beall, vln; WVSO/Christianson & Interlochen HS Symp. Orch./Ward

Cortege, Processional for Orchestra, 1991 7'

West Virginia Symphony (formerly Charleston Symphony)/Conlin
Interlochen High School Concert Orchestra/Ward

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, 1990-91 22'

David Hastings, solo with WVU Symphony Orchestra/Christianson
(band version, 1994) John Sampen, solo with North American Sax. Assoc. Conference Band/Wilcox

Mountain Music, 1987 17'

WVU Symphony Orchestra/Christianson (2)

Symphony No. 1, 1985 30'

WVU Symphony Orchestra/Worby (guest)

Celebration Music, 1985 8'

WVU Wind Symphony/Wilcox

Concerto for Brass Quintet and Wind Orchestra, 1978 20'

U.S. Army Brass Quintet with WVU Wind Symphony/Wilcox

Concerto for Piano and Wind Orchestra, 1973 20'

Carol Beall, soloist with Eastman Wind Ensemble/Hunsberger, Memphis State Wind Ensemble/ Freund Texas Tech Wind Ensemble/
Diehl, Illinois Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble/Eggleston

Lament for Those Lost in the War, 1972 10'

Eastman Rochester Orchestra/ Hendl, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra/Virkhaus,
Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra/Virkhaus, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra/ Michael Tilson Thomas, others

Songs of Autumn, 1965-66 25'

Robert Reed, tenor, Dallas Symphony Orchestra/Johanos
Baylor Symphony/Sternberg
Southwest Texas Chamber Orchestra/Composer

Essay for Orchestra , 1964-65 10'

Dallas Symphony Orchestra/Johanos
Baylor Symphony/Willis

Music for the Burial Service (Book of Common Prayer) SATB with organ, 1988-2012

Slippery Rock University Chamber Choir/Barr

Suite from Ethan Frome, 2001 32'

Premiere Nov. 5, 2003 by Detroit Civic Orchestra/Charles Burke, cond.

Ethan Frome, Opera in Two Acts 1994-97 2hr, 10'

The WVU Opera Theatre, WVU Symphony Orch., Robt. Thieme, cond. Video recording for WV PBS
Indiana Univ. Opera Theatre (one scene)

Anglican Mass, STB solo, SATB, organ, and orchestra, 1978 –1991 55'

Cynthia Dewey, sop; Augusto Paglialunga, ten; Wm. Taylor, bass; The WVU Choir and Symphonic Choir, WVU Symphony Orchestra/Peterson

All Praise to Thee My God This Night (hymn, 2007) 3’

Pepperdine Choirs; Many church performances

New Testament Songs, (2001-2002) 15’

Beverly Rinaldi, sop/Robin Guy, pno
Alison Show, sop/R.J. Nestor, pno
Jane Lightfoot, sop/Pei Sien Lim, pno
Theresa Vincent Smith, sop/Steven H. Smith, pno
Hope Koehler, sop/Robert Thieme, pno

Psalm 84, SATB with organ, 1989 3'

All choral works except Psalm 51 premiered with the St. Thomas à Becket Episcopal Church Choir/composer

The St. Thomas á Becket Choirbook

The Lord Is Good, SATB with organ, 1989 3'
Ride On, Ride On, SATB with organ , 1991 3’
Come Thou Holy Spirit, SATB with organ, 1991 4’
All Praise be Thine, O Risen Christ, SATB with organ, 1992 3’
A Stable Light Is Lighted, SATB with organ and violin, 1994, 5’
O Jesus Very Light of Light, Two-part with organ, 1991 3’
Look There! The Christ, SATB with organ, 1995 4’
Commendation Anthem, SATB with organ, 1987 3’
Unless the Lord Builds the House, SATB with organ, 1994 5’

Merwin Song: Book III, 1993 6'

Janis-Rozena Peri/John Crotty Cynthia Dewey/composer
Beverly Rinaldi/composer
All Merwin Songs: Theresa Smith, sop/Steven H. Smith, pno

Merwin Songs: Book II, 1988 5'

Psalm 19, SATB with organ, 1988 3'

Merwin Songs: Book I, 1982-83 4'

Psalm 51, SATB, 1977 7’

Hammarskjold Songs, 1967-83 10’

Many performances

Rilke Songs, 1974 10’

Songs of Autumn (piano reduction), 1966 25'

Fleeting Moments: Preludes for Piano, 2008 10’

Carol Beall (3) On YouTube

Vandalia Suite 2005 12.5’

Steven Smith (6)

Sonata for Piano , 1994 28'

Carol Beall, piano (3)
Steven Smith (2) (CD)

Piano Fantasy, 1980 15'

Steven Smith , Paris and Madrid (French and Spanish National Radios)
(many others) (CD)

Toccata and Fugue on Deus Tuorum Militum , 1987 6'

Wm. Haller (organ), (2) Stephen Self

Black Raindrops, 1977 4'

Steven Smith (many) [CD], John Beall (many)

Summer Pieces, 1984 10'

Herman Godes, Steven Smith (many)

Harpsichord Fantasy, 1982 15’

Wm. Haller (2), Don Freund

Capriccio for Piano 4 Hands, 198 15'

Carol and John Beall, 1981, many; C. Beall and L. Unrau (2) (CD), Karen Beres and Wm Budai

Aria and Variations, 1969-72 12'

Partita, 1967 10'

Carol Beall

Sonatina, 1966 8’

Carol Beall

Idumea Variations, for Violin, Horn in F, and Piano, 2014-15, 11’

Margaret Cooper, vln; Lauren Harris, hn; James Miltenberger, pno  (2)

String Quartet No. 3, 2012-13

The Montclaire String Quartet (2)

Quintet for Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Oboe, 2009-11 23’

WV Piano Quartet + Cynthia Anderson, ob

Quintet for Piano and Strings, 2008-09 30’

WV Piano Quartet + Andrew Kohn, DB (4) (CD)
Frederick McKee, vln; Stephen Beall, va; Michelle Cho, vcl; Man-Wei Che, cb; Chao Hwa Lin, pno

Trio for Violin, Alto Saxophone, and Piano 2008 24’

Mikylah Mcteer, vln, David Wright, a sax; Carol Beall, pno (2)
Mikylah McTeer, vln, Michael Ibrahim, a sax; Carol Beall, pno (1)

September Morning, 2006 8’

WVU Music Faculty Chamber Players, Harvey Felder, cond. (2)

Sonata for Viola and Piano, 2004 22’

Randolph Kelly, va; T.J. Lymenstull, pno Randolph Kelly, va; Elizabeth DeMio, pno (3)
Stephen Beall, va; Carol Beall, pno (CD)

String Quartet No. 2, 2001 30'

Stephen Beall & Annie Chalex, vlns; Harold Levin, va; Jeffrey Lastrapes, vcl (CD)
WVU Faculty + Stephen Beall, vln

Fantasy for Violoncello Alone, 2001 6'

Jeffrey Lastrapes, vcl (3) Wm. Skidmore, vcl (3)

Quartet for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Violoncello, 2001 30'

WVU Piano Quartet (3)(CD); Carol Beall, pno; Stephen Beall, vln; Robt. Elder, va; Jeffrey Lastrapes, vcl

Terra Firma, Trio for Flute, Violoncello, & Piano, 2001 25'

The Monongahela Trio (4); Paolo Bertolussi, fl; Jeffrey Lastrapes, vcl; Carol Beall, pno
Nancy Stagnitta, fl; Jeffrey Lastrapes, vcl; Carol Beall, pno (2) (CD)

Wondrous Love: Variations for Viola and Piano, 1999 10'

Philip Tietze, va; Robert Thieme, pno (4)  Stephen Beall, va; Carol Beall, pno (3) (CD)
AnnMarie Hudson, va; Carol Beall, pno; Eva Stern, va; Joel Schoenhals, pno (3)

Breakers, for Flute and Piano, 1998 5'

Jocelyn Winkler, fl; Kathie Winkler, pno, many (CD)
Tamara Thweat, fl; Lucia Unrau, pno
Joyce Catalfano, fl; Carol Beall, pno

Barn Dance from Mountain Music, 1995 5'

Stephen Beall ,1995 (CD) (3); Rudolf Haken (2), others

Whitewater, for String Quartet and Woodwind Quintet, 1994 10'

University of Michigan All State at Interlochen Faculty/Appleby-Wineburg
WVU Faculty/Christianson (2) ( CD)

Shaker Tunes, Free Variations for Woodwind Quintet, 1992 13'

Laureate Wind Quintet, many;  Savannah Wind Quintet, Interlochen Faculty
(also sextet version with alto saxophone - Laureate Wind Qnt with David Hastings, a sax, (CD) also
John Sampen, a sax

Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano, 1991 13'

Creative Arts Trio (2);  Beall/Fadial/Vanderburgh trio; Interlochen Fac. Players

Variations on John Henry, for Three Violins (Intermediate Level), 1987 4'

Stephen Beall, Daniel Skidmore, Bryan Chang, many

Celebration Fanfare, 1986 2'

WVU Brass Choir

Sonata for Cello and Piano, 1984 20'

Wm. Skidmore, (CD); Eric Edberg, David Meyer, Jeffrey Lastrapes, all with Carol Beall, pno, many others

On Chestnut Ridge, Quartet for Violin, Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, 1982 10'

Aeolian Chamber Players  (2); WVU Music Faculty (2), Pittsburgh New Music Ens. (2)  Interlochen Faculty (2), and many others (CD)

TrioFantasy for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano, 1981 13'

John Ferrillo, ob; John Hunt, bsn, Herman Godes, pno
Cynthia Anderson, ob; Terry Ewell, bsn; Wm. Haller, pno

String Quartet No. 1, 1982 30'

WVU Graduate String Quartet

Sextet for Piano and Woodwind Quintet, 1976 20'

Claremont Quintet, 1976 (LP); Laureate Wind Quintet, Rutgers Wind Quintet, Georgia Wind Quintet

Sonata for Violin and Piano, 1976 21'

James Barber; Robert Snyder, Duo Auriole-Fauchet

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, 1974 12'

Douglas Skinner, William West, David Hastings, Wm. West, Timothy Mc Allister, many others